Tracee's 4 Braided Styles to Rock Before Wash Day



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Tracee's 4 Braided Styles to Rock Before Wash Day

by Pattern Beauty

Trying to stretch your style through the week? Got workout hair on Wednesday but wash day isn't until the weekend? Tracee's been there. Shoot, we're all there.

Achieving a chic style when your hair is less than fabulous (okay, we'll just say it...when your hair is dirty) isn't easy. But instead of throwing your strands into a lackluster ponytail, add some pizzazz with a braided style.

From French braids to double ponytails to braided buns, there are more than a few styles you can whip up in seconds.

Watch Tracee achieve four styles with dirty hair & be inspired to breathe new life into your curls & coils.


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  • Janea -

    Making an order 2day!

  • Tonya -

    I have multi-textured hair and I’m loving the shampoo, lighter conditioner, leave-in and hair cream! Still trying to figure out combo to lengthen my curls. Thank you Tracee and Team!!♥️

  • Michelle -

    I love all your products. My hair is short and curly. I had a perm since I was 16 I am 60 now. Since the pandemic I had no choice but to go natural. I have tried a lot of products but pattern is the best for my hair type fine and curly. Thanks

  • Shearon R Parker -

    I L O V E all of the Patterns products! I have sent them to both of my daughters and son they love it also but they will have to purchase them, no more freebies from mom. LOL

  • vonda brooks -

    Thank you for the beautiful selfie 🤳