3 b ('thrē 'bē), adjective. stretchy curls with bounce to the ounce that doubledutch in the wind
3c ('thrē 'sē), adjective. flexible S-pattern curls that turn, twirl, and twist into a two-step
4a (ˈfȯr ˈā), adjective. supple S-pattern coils that lean and strut their snap-back stuff
4b (ˈfȯr ˈbē), adjective. luscious Z-pattern coils that bend and flare in a zig zag pose
4c (ˈfȯr ˈsē), adjective. velvety coils with tight curves that flow, breakdance and freestyle
B aby hairs (ˈbā-bē ˈhers), noun. small hairs that can be sculpted and designed into an art piece to frame the face
Big chop (ˈbig ˈchäp), noun. when your coils are set free; the beginning of the journey to rocking your pattern; cutting away damaged or chemically-treated strands to promote growth
Big hair (ˈbig ˈher), noun. extravagant curls and coils proudly taking up space; a halo of hair resounding; big hair don’t care; big hair big time; free and rising
Buildup (ˈbild-ˌəp), noun. your scalp’s call for help as your skin’s natural oils, skin cells, and hair products produce flaking or residue; when your strands are unable to shine; when clarifying shampoo and hydrating shampoo can rescue your curls and cleanse your scalp
C hemical damage (ˈke-mi-kəl ˈda-mij), , noun. when color and chemical treatments leave your curls lifeless and longing for intense care, love and deep conditioning
Clumping (ˈkləmp iŋ), verb. when curl strands band together, hold hands and have a reunion; when a sisterhood of curls find their way back to each other
Coily (ˈkȯi(-ə)lˈē), adjective. a revolution of volume; a pirouette of S-pattern and/or Z-pattern coils; a congregation of taut coils overflowing
Community (kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē), noun. a sisterhood, a brotherhood, a siblinghood gathering at the table where all curls and coils are welcome; coil squad; curly crew; where we hold our own equity
Co-wash (ˈcō-ˈwäsh), noun. conditioner that invites your curls to twirl in cleansing hydration; verb. to saturate your coils with water and a lightweight conditioner instead of cleansing with a formal shampoo
Crown and glory (ˈkrau̇n ən(d) ˈglȯr-ē), noun. royalty renown; where the mane is the main thing; the coiff in all its majesty; curls and coils in all their splendor; dignity in every pattern
Curl Pattern (ˈkərl ˈpa-tərn), noun. where originality is the standard; where you are your own prototype; constellations of coils, curves, curls, waves and ringlets; where every follicle flourishes
Curly (ˈkər-lē), adjective. an array of ringlets; a tango of spiral and S-pattern curls; a throng of waves and crinkles
Damage (ˈda-mij), noun. when curls become vulnerable to dryness and weakness; a warning sign where unhealthy hair can be nourished back to health.
Deep condition (ˈdēp kən-ˈdi-shən), verb. to immerse one’s roots, curls, and coils in heavy or intensive conditioner; when one’s curls and coils have profound revelations
Definition (ˌde-fə-ˈni-shən), noun. when each curl cluster stands and shines on its own; when every coil lives by its own rules
Defy Gravity (ˈgra-və-tē), verb used with object. to make your own hair rules; when coils and curls resist and stand up; when natural hair texture exists and persists in the tension
Dense (ˈden(t)s), adjective. hair that is fortified in abundance; deep in the grooves of curls and coils.
Dryness (ˈdrī nəs), noun. a curl’s cry for hydration; an invitation to give your coils the moisture they deserve; an opportunity for your natural texture to be restored and replenished.
Dusting (ˈdə-stiŋ), verb. to free your curls from lightly damaged ends; to quickly trim the ends of your hair
Elasticity (i-ˌla-ˈsti-sə-tē), noun. your curls unique bounce; the spring in your coils’ step; your pattern’s resilience; flexible and adaptable
F ine Hair (ˈfīn ˈher), noun. exquisite curls with delicate texture and thinner width; wispy, elegant coils that prance and sway to the waltz of their unique pattern.
Flat twist (ˈflat ˈtwist), noun. curls and coils spiral together in two-strand pairs, hugging the scalp and creating a unique curl pattern
Fluff (ˈfləf), verb. using fingers or a hair pick to uncoil curls from a protective style; untwisting, unbraiding, and uncoiling your curls as they breathe, dance and shimmy
Frizz (ˈfriz), noun. the aura of radiance that surrounds curls and coils; hair reverberation of a divine frequency; a ripple of coils and curls that begins at the crown and echoes into the wind
H air Story (ˈher ˈstȯr-ē), noun. a pattern autobiography; a texture adventure; a coil memoir; a curl narrative; a strand song; an epic for edges; a follicle legend
Healthy and hydrated (ˈhel-thē ən(d) ˈhī-ˌdrāt), adjective. where curls and coils are refreshed and thirst no more
Heat damage (ˈhēt ˈda-mij), noun. when heated styling tools permanently alter your natural texture leaving your curls longing for tenderness, love and intensive conditioner
Heavy conditioner (ˈhe-vē kən-ˈdi-sh(ə-)nər), noun. a creamy, luscious, invigorating boost that makes coils sing in celebration
Heritage (ˈher-ə-tij), ,noun. where we find the voice of our ancestors reminding us that our hair is our inheritance; where our curls are our tradition; where freedom is our birthright; where we celebrate our roots.
Hydration Shampoo (ˈhī-ˌdrā-shən sham-ˈpü), noun. where curls and coils dance in a cleansing, liquid sunshine