QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

It's an age-old hair care question: which product is right for me? After all, there's nothing more frustrating than aimlessly trying bottle after bottle hoping for natural hair nirvana. Thanks to PATTERN, the search for formulas to fulfill your beauty needs is over. Every curl has a story, every coil has a journey. And we're here to meet you where your hair is & empower your pattern.

Take our quiz to access to your best curls in your own bathroom.  


  • I am so in love with these products. I took them in to my stylists and he loves them as well. My hair is thriving and I am feeling less apprehensive about transitioning from a relaxer.

    Kelli Lindsay -
  • OMG! Ive been using another product for years for my curly hair and this is the BEST product hands-down. I’ve used many products attempting to get my hair to look as natural as possible and Tracee you hit it out the park! I am hooked. I am a customer for life!

    Kim Fogg -
  • Hi! Love your products! Quick question: Will there be any upcoming coconut/shea butter products? Thanks! :D

    Joy -
  • I love this hair line! I’ve bought at least 13 products (including accessories)so far and waiting for them to arrive! So excited! BUT WE NEED more hair accessories like silk hair bonnets, hair rollers and cute satin head bands please!! Love you guys for helping me care for my tight coily hair!

    Kaylisha Smith-Singleton -
  • I love pattern because for the first time I can wear my hair how ever I want no more frizzy uncontrollable hair now with patterns my hair is controllable even if I sleep with it down I can spray my mist and I can comb right through thank you pattern for giving me my hair it’s best life

    Maxine Howard -

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