QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

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QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

by Pattern Beauty

It's an age-old hair care question: which product is right for me? After all, there's nothing more frustrating than aimlessly trying bottle after bottle hoping for natural hair nirvana. Thanks to PATTERN, the search for formulas to fulfill your beauty needs is over. Every curl has a story, every coil has a journey. And we're here to meet you where your hair is & empower your pattern.

Take our quiz to access to your best curl types in your own bathroom.  


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  • Georgaleen -

    Can you recommend a hair color rinse for gray hair?

  • Yvonne Williams -

    Work for post office outside in all types of weather always have on a hat what suggestions you have to keep hair moisturize during hot and cold weather

  • Veronica Frazier -

    My natural hair is coarse, dry, split ends and takes a long time to grow. I give it a lot of treatments. And I’m taking hair vitamins that really changed my texture to really coarse. But it could be just age. I’m 60.

  • Juanita Cruz Latimer -

    I have been searching for a product line since 2010 when I decided to go natural and I finally found it. I love Pattern Beauty products. I especially love the treatment mask for definition and curl elongation. The best thing ever made!

  • Damita McCain -

    I am so impressed with this product!! I am a hairstylist for over 35years and I have NEVER used a complete product hair line until NOW!! BRAVO!!