4 Of The Best Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping: The Ultimate Guide

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4 Of The Best Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping: The Ultimate Guide

by Pattern Beauty

Waking up to a flattened ‘fro or tangled tresses? A wash-n-go every morning to revive your curls works for some naturals. But, if you have a busy morning schedule, then you may not have the time to spend learning how to refresh curls after sleeping

The solution for sleeping with curly hair? At night, wear a protective hairstyle under your silk or satin cap or headscarf to keep your curls lush and springy. 

Many naturals know the benefits of protective styles, such as braids and twists, for daytime looks. This guide focuses on the best protective hairstyles to sleep in so you wake up with confidence.

#1 Two-Strand Twists 

At night, when you’re ready to sleep, a protective hairstyle that takes too long is one you’ll avoid doing consistently. The two-strand twist is a quick and easy style that anyone can do. 

With two-strand twists, you can start on wet or dry hair, depending on how tight you want the curl pattern to be. If you need some extra tips on how to do it, here are some steps to take:

  • Part your hair into sections throughout your head.
  • Take one section and divide it into two.
  • Wrap the two parts around each other.
  • Spritz hair with water for tighter curls, if desired.
  • Invest in curly hair products like PATTERN’s Styling Cream for added moisture and definition. 

This is perfect for any hair length and curly hair type, especially for naturals who want to elongate their coils. However, be sure to use the right products and tools for curly hair to achieve this hairstyle.

#2 Pineapple Method 

The pineapple method is one of the best protective hairstyles for sleeping that works especially well for those with longer locks who want a little more volume. 

To craft this hairstyle, follow these steps:

  • Collect all your hair towards the top of your head.
  • Secure once with a scrunchie or any silk-covered hair tie.
  • Wrap it loosely with a silk or satin scarf like PATTERN’s Satin Cap  to reduce frizz.
  • Keep the ponytail loose to avoid denting your curls.

In the morning, if your curls look as if they need a little refresher, then using a product like our Leave-in Conditioner and Hydrating Mist adds moisture back into your long hair. 

Bonus tip: For short curly hair textures, you can try the multi-pineapple method where you pineapple 2 to 3 sections of your hair to stretch your roots without denting your coils. 

Is it Better to Sleep with your Hair Up or Down?

If you’ve recently started your natural hair journey, then you may have tons of questions about the best way to care for your hair—especially while you’re sleeping. Since natural hair is more likely to flatten or tangle during the night, your curly hair night routine should minimize any chance of frizz as much as possible.

For the best results, wear your hair up and out of your face. With your curls and coils off your neck, they can maintain their naturally springy shape while staying hydrated. 

#3 Braids

What if you want to wake up to loose wavy hair in the morning? Good news—there are protective sleep hairstyles for your every natural hair wish. 

Overnight braids for long or short curly hair will both elongate your hair strands and give you full, voluminous waves without the hassle of washing your hair every morning. So, how do you get the look? You can experience it with a few different braid styles such as:

  • French braids 
  • Single braids
  • Cornrows 
  • Loose braids

Each will produce slightly different results, so try out a new protective style every night to see which look works best with your hair. 

#4 Plopping

If you want to encourage your hair’s more gravity-defying characteristics, then the plopping method can add more volume for both short and long curly hair.

To learn how to plop your hair and gain that fuller, more defined look, follow these steps:

  • Scrunch gel or other curl-defining hair products into wet strands. 
  • Spread a microfiber towel out onto a flat surface. 
  • Flip your wet hair over so that it collects onto the towel. 
  • Tie the ends of the towel around your head to secure it.

By sunrise, your hair will be dry and voluminous. 

Moisturize Your Crown Through the Night with Pattern Beauty

Mornings are already filled with to-dos. There’s coffee to brew, outfits to choose and morning mantras to be… well, mantra’d. Ensuring that your hair is moisturized, nourished and beautiful shouldn’t consume your entire morning routine.

By using one of these protective overnight hairstyles, you can save time and energy—leaving room to try on that second outfit or brew that second mug of coffee.

At PATTERN, our products are designed to make your hair care routines simple and easy. As a Black-owned and founded business, we carry a wide array of products specifically formulated for curly hair queens looking to moisturize and protect their crown of hair through the night.


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