Tracee's 4 Braided Styles to Rock Before Wash Day

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Tracee's 4 Braided Styles to Rock Before Wash Day

by Pattern Beauty

Trying to stretch your style through the week? Got workout hair on Wednesday but wash day isn't until the weekend? Tracee's been there. Shoot, we're all there.

Achieving a chic style when your hair is less than fabulous (okay, we'll just say it...when your hair is dirty) isn't easy. But instead of throwing your strands into a lackluster ponytail, add some pizzazz with a braided style.

From French braids to double ponytails to braided buns, there are more than a few styles you can whip up in seconds.

Watch Tracee achieve four styles with dirty hair & be inspired to breathe new life into your curls & coils.


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  • Jessie McKie -

    Hi Tracee! I’m trying the hair mask and it seemed really good until I rinsed it out. Followed up with deep heavy conditioner and pattern heat pack that didn’t help. Hair is dry… I am purchasing the leave in conditioner in hopes to juice up my coils. Wish me luck!!

  • Irene -

    Are you products recommend for kids

  • Vladimir Allen -

    I LOVE THIS. I got a text message from Tracee with her selfie! Made my day! My mom loves the products too!

  • Melissa -

    Hello, I am looking for a product that gives me the curly look on my hair. I don’t have any chemicals in my hair can you help me. Melissa

  • Delsheta Jones -

    Love the things you do with your hair.