Tracee’s Summer Hair Essentials on the TODAY Show

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Tracee's Must-Haves

Tracee’s Summer Hair Essentials on the TODAY Show

by Pattern Beauty

Did you catch Tracee Ellis Ross on the TODAY Show? Our CEO/Founder & Jill Martin chatted about Tracee’s favorite PATTERN hair care products for healthy & hydrated summer hair. If you missed it, check out the top products that you need this summer.

  • Hair Tools Kit - A trio for all your styling needs, this tool kit combines our beloved Hair Pick, Shower Brush & Wide Tooth Comb. Detangle, volumize, or define — whatever matches your mood.
  • Strong Hold Gel - Never flaky, this gel is a must-grab for when you want an easy, sleek & smooth summer hairstyle. Infused with Sea Moss, Aloe Vera & Chia Seeds, the humidity-proof gel not only makes you look great, it's good for nourishing & fortifying your hair. 
  • Lightweight Conditioner -  Our silicone-free formula is excellent for travel as it can double as a co-wash & conditioner for all hair types. This curl quencher is also great for detangling, plus it’s perfect for thin & fine hair as it won’t weigh down curls.
  • Scalp Serum - Summertime can be tough on the scalp. Between the heat & sweat, scalps can begin to feel uncomfortable or itchy. Our scalp serum is infused with tingly & fragrant oils including Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender to soothe, cool & refresh scalps scorched by the summer sun. 
  • Clarifying Shampoo - If you escape to the pool, beach, or even just the gym for that six-pack, your hair is exposed to the elements: chlorine, salt & sweat. Our Clarifying Shampoo helps ensure that these environmental stressors don’t clog your pores or cramp your style. It also helps your refresh your strands by opening the cuticle to shower water & conditioning products. 
  • Hydration Shampoo - For coily hair, Clarifying Shampoo is best used every few weeks. For a once-a-week wash, curls crave a juicier cleanse. Hydrating Shampoo keeps curls and coils clean all summer without stripping hair of natural oils needed to maintain moisture. 

How are you maintaining your hair this summer? What’s in your Summer hair care routine? Shop more PATTERN products for keeping your curls juicy throughout a joyful summer. 



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  • Tomi Pric -

    Do your product work well on permered her Soror Tracee?

  • Tomi Pric -

    Do your product work well on permered her Soror Tracee?