How to Cocktail Curly Hair Products

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How to Cocktail Curly Hair Products

by Pattern Beauty

Finding one hair product that can do it all is tough. Enter: product cocktailing. Product cocktailing is the process of mixing two or more haircare products to achieve the results you want. In this article, our experts will discuss how to layer products on curly hair. 

Some products like gels are difficult to mix because of their ingredients, resulting in a funky result. But not PATTERN products! All PATTERN products cocktail well together without any weird clumping. However, we know that those curl type individuals like to mix brands and there are proper ways to layer products to get a juicy & joyful result. Master the art of missing & matching leave-ins, stylers & oils to find the perfect combinations for your hair type.

To get you started, the PATTERN Team shares their favorite cocktailing duos and trips. Test ours & try out your own. (P.S. Sipping your fave cocktail while you cocktail makes the hair care experience even better!)

Curl Gel + Jojoba Oil Blend

“This is my go-to wash & go duo. The Curl Gel is perfect for definition & the Jojoba Oil gives me fluff & fullness.” ~Amy Elisa, Curly

Intensive Conditioner + Hair Styling Cream + Heavy Conditioner

"Just a squirt of the Heavy Conditioner & then I put on a shower cap. It acts like a mini deep conditioning session." ~Roneka, Coily/Tight-Texture

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Jojoba Oil Blend + Hydrating Mist

“I like to call this LCO-on-the-go. This is my go-to when I don’t have time to do the full LCO/LOC process or when i’m in braids or crochet to keep my hair hydrated and moisturized” ~Akuba, Tight-Textured

Heavy Conditioner + Styling Cream + Strong Hold Gel

"My hair is 3b/4a & I like to use my Heavy Conditioner as a partial leave-in; I let it sit in my hair overnight. Then the next day, I'll wet it (not wash it out) and apply my styling cream on top, then apply the Strong Hold Gel while it’s wet. It allows my wash-n-go's to last and go through the motions of shrinkage, then bigness, and the curl frizz, while keeping the coils in line...and if they act up, I can just apply more water and its back!" ~Acacia, Curly

Lightweight Conditioner + Argan Oil Blend

Sometimes my extremely low porosity hair just doesn’t absorb products well after the shower. So this combo is a perfect substitute for leave-in. On damp hair, I just use a smaller amount of Lightweight Conditioner than I would with usual leave-in. Put a little Argan Oil Serum on top (which also absorbs easily) to seal & smooth it. Makes my hair so soft & hydrated. (My hair LOVES regular Leave-In Conditioner on dry hair.)” ~Ashley, 4A, Tight-Textured, Protein-Sensitive, Low Porosity 

Leave-In Conditioner + Jojoba Oil Blend

"They give me the perfect moisture in between my conditioning days." ~Roneka, Coily/Tight-Texture

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Hydrating Mist + Styling Cream

“Between wash days, sometimes I start to lose a little definition and something about this combination on dry hair just re-hydrates and redefines my curls so well. (It actually stretches my curls & lasts for days) There’s some yummy oils in that Styling Cream, so it just feels really good.” ~Ashley, 4A, Tight-Textured, Protein-Sensitive, Low Porosity 

Strong Hold Gel + Leave-In Conditioner + Argan Oil Blend

"I cocktail these three for the perfect Flexi Rod Set, layering the Leave-In and Gel on each section before securing on the rod. Then once my hair is dry,  a few drops of the Argan Oil is perfect to smooth over my hair for additional nourishment & shine as I am separating my curls after my Flexi Rod Set." ~Ebony, 4A, Coily

Clarifying Shampoo + Intensive Conditioner

I wash my hair with the Clarifying Shampoo. I’m super heavy handed with hair product & this gets everything off. Then I’ll sleep with the Intensive Conditioner in my hair overnight as a deep conditioner. My curl pattern comes out crazy clumped, hydrated & defined.”  ~Ashley, 4A, Tight-Textured, Protein-Sensitive, Low Porosity 

Leave-In Conditioner + Curl Gel 

I’m a wash & go type of girl and aim for my style to last for a few days and this combo never disappoints! The leave-in conditioner hydrates my curls without weighing them down and the curl gel keeps my curl definition springy and defined for days!” ~Danielle, 4B, Coily, High Porosity


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