QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

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QUIZ: Which Conditioner Is Right For You?

by Pattern Beauty

It's an age-old hair care question: which product is right for me? After all, there's nothing more frustrating than aimlessly trying bottle after bottle hoping for natural hair nirvana. Thanks to PATTERN, the search for formulas to fulfill your beauty needs is over. Every curl has a story, every coil has a journey. And we're here to meet you where your hair is & empower your pattern.

Take our quiz to access to your best curl types in your own bathroom.  


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  • Denise Patterson -

    I will be ordering your products next month…….Can’t wait to try them…….I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them from family members+friends………………………And I’m the type of person that likes to put product in my hair thats works fast and easy, and gives the result that will turn heads……………………without me spending hours in the mirror……………………….

  • Cheryl -

    I tried the hot oil treatment and I love the way my hair feels and looks .it’s has a healthy lite feeling not a heavy oily feeling and I love ❤️ That it a leave in .

  • Renee Wilson -

    You are the muracle we all needed away from relaxers that burned scalp and did major damage to our scalps So blessed that you are here. My haur growing and feels wonderful You are here to stay forever You are who we have been waiting for and now you are here to stay forever more

  • Princess Evans -

    I love this product and the smell does not clash with my somewhat pricey perfumes and colognes

  • Kelli Lindsay -

    I am so in love with these products. I took them in to my stylists and he loves them as well. My hair is thriving and I am feeling less apprehensive about transitioning from a relaxer.