Styling Sessions: Alexus Crown's Curly Space Buns



Styling Sessions

Styling Sessions: Alexus Crown's Curly Space Buns

by Pattern Beauty

Tight textures are magic. They can be easily fluffed into an afro with awe-inspiring volume, sectioned into futuristic French rolls and wrapped into styles reminiscent of our ancestors. There's nothing that cannot be achieve, just ask beauty influencer Alexus Crown.

Whether she's rocking a protective style or is giving a tutorial on her Type 4 wash day ritual, the bombshell is a testament to the strength of healthy & hydrated tresses.

We partnered with Alexus to create curly & coils space buns with our must-have natural hair styling products. Watch how she moisturizes her strands and crates an effortlessly fabulous look, while creating the appearance of natural bangs without the big chop.



Follow her step-by-step instructions to get the look and give your hair a break from protective styling.

Step 1: Activate your strands with the Hydrating Mist

Step 2: Section into two pony tails and bangs with the Wide-Tooth Comb

Step 3: Define each section with Curl Gel. Pin up the bangs section for later

Step 4: Detangle each section with the Shower Brush

Step 5: Smooth your edges with the Strong Hold Gel, and create baby hairs with either the Edge Tool or the Shower Brush

Step 6: Create Faux Bangs with Curl Gel + Hair Pins. Diffuse hair with diffuser for tight coils.

Step 7: Voila! Fluffed & Fabulous

Shop the entire Styling Collection & recreate Alexus's look. Tag us @patternbeauty with the results!


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  • Shelia -

    Styling short curls with shower brush?

  • latisha mosley -

    Please do more style tutorials. This was awesome especially showing the actual products and tools from the pattern line

  • Pamela Finley -

    I purchased the hydrating mist, and the spray does not come out like that. Why?