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How to Pineapple Hair

How to Pineapple Hair

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It’s wash day. You’ve completed your curl routine from start to finish & diffused your locks dry. You’re winding down for the evening… & now it’s time to sleep on your bouncy tresses. 

Fear not—there’s a technique that will ensure the challenge of preserving your curls overnight becomes a non-issue. “Pineappling” is a well-loved curly hair technique that will protect your curls by putting them up in the shape of—you guessed it—a pineapple.

Understanding the Pineapple Technique for Curly Hair

The pineapple hair method is a technique for protecting your naturally curly hair overnight (or through a workout / any activity that might disrupt your ‘do). Pineapple-style hair is quick & easy to pull off. Simply collect your locks at the top of your head & secure them in place with a silk or satin scrunchie, scarf or bonnet. Reach for the PATTERN Satin Cap & Satin Scrunchies to luxuriate & lounge in your pineapple-style. 

It’s crucial to be sure you’re caring for your locks properly to make the most of your pineapple hairstyle. Read on for a breakdown on maximizing your curly hair care routine pre- & post-pineapple, best practices for pineapple creation & how to incorporate this technique into your routine long-term.

Preparation: Cleansing & Moisturizing Curly Hair

To maintain the luster of your curls & coils, keeping it clean & moisturized is paramount. Whether you choose a sulfate-free shampoo, “co-wash” (use shampoo every other time), or opt for a no-poo cleanser, washing your hair on a regular schedule gets rid of buildup that might otherwise cause damage. Whether or not you’re shampooing on your wash day, you should always use a conditioner (& maybe a leave-in too) to lock in moisture.

Detangling: Ensuring Gentle Care for Curly Locks

Curly hair is best detangled when wet, using a shower brush or wide-tooth comb to avoid frizz. Separate your hair into small sections & brush or comb through each—you can even finger-brush through each section first to painlessly remove any larger knots.

Products for Pineappling: Choosing the Right Hair Care

It’s helpful to find the right cocktail of products that will keep your curls bouncy & defined every time. Finding the right balance of protective hair products & curly hair stylers is a game-changer for anyone looking to sport their natural locks on the daily. 

Specially designed hair products for curly hair will often do the trick, as they can help to minimize breakage while maximizing moisture & volume. If the question of how to use curl cream or hair oil is top of mind, don't worry – we've got step-by-step instructions to ensure your curls are perfectly defined & full of vitality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Pineapple Hairstyle

Once you’ve washed & detangled your tresses, added all of your desired products & blown out or air-dried the mane, you’re finally ready to pineapple for the night. 

(Note: You can pineapple wet hair. In fact, it’s the most frizz-free way—but pineappling dry hair is still a great way to preserve your coils between washes).

Step 1: Gather the Harvest

Collect all of your hair on top of your head. (Note: Your hair must be long enough for a top-knot to pineapple.)

Step 2: Pick Your Pineapple

Lock in your pineapple hair by securing it loosely with a scrunchie (preferably silk or satin). You’ll want it tight enough so it stays, but not tight enough to create tension or leave a mark. We’ve found that wrapping the scrunchie once around the hair is an ideal strength for many styles.

Step 3: The Look is Served

You can tie a silk scarf or bandana over your pineapple for extra protection. If you usually wear a bonnet, put it on your head over your pineapple. Voilà—it’s that simple!

Overnight Care: Preserving Curls with the Pineapple Technique

When pineappling curly hair overnight, there are extra steps you can take to maximize results in the morning. For instance, a silk or satin pillowcase can help minimize breakage. If possible, sleeping on your side or stomach will keep your hair from shifting throughout the night. Finally, spritzing a bit of product (like the PATTERN Hydrating Mist or Shine Spray) on your pineapple before bed can help lock in moisture & vitality.

Morning Routine: Refreshing & Reviving Curly Hair

While the bulk of the pineapple routine happens at night, it can never hurt to refresh your curls in the morning. To determine what your curls need, you can easily test hair porosity by dipping a strand of your hair in a glass of water. If it floats, you should refresh with a lightweight moisturizing hair oil, such as the PATTERN Argan Oil Blend. If it sinks, you should refresh with our Leave-In Conditioner, Hydrating Mist or Jojoba Oil Blend

When you’re ready to start the day, simply take down your pineapple, lightly mist your hair with a spray bottle of water & leave-in conditioner & scrunch in your refresh product of choice. (If you have extra time, you can put in some pin curls at this point as the damp hair dries.)

Adjusting the Pineapple for Comfort & Effectiveness

Make sure that you can comfortably sleep in your pineapple to help the routine stick. So if you find your pineapple hair uncomfortable, adjust it! Make sure to keep the scrunchie as loose as possible, & adjust your scarf or bonnet so it’s not squeezing your head.

Additional Tips for Pineappling: Enhancing Curly Hair Health

Here are a few additional tips for pineappling success:

  • While a loose & silky scrunchie works best, a cotton hairband can be used to pineapple in a pinch.
  • Make sure to collect every last strand of hair in your pineapple. Try flipping your hair/bending all the way over to make sure you catch it all. This is essential for varying lengths of hair.
  • As we mentioned, the pineapple is a great curly hair workout style—just be sure to wrap your scrunchie slightly tighter so your pineapple doesn’t take a tumble mid-cardio.

Ultimately, the pineapple is a flexible method you can adjust to your hair’s needs. Each head of curly locks is different, & finding the right pineapple routine is no different than testing out products or unique protective hairstyles.

Managing Consistency: Incorporating Pineapple Hair into Your Routine

In order to sustainably preserve your curls overnight, pineappling is the easiest & one of the most effective tricks in the book. It’s the most effective way to lock in the wash day work you’ve put in before gravity & your pillow enter the equation. Invest in a silk or satin scrunchie & a set of PATTERN hair products for natural hair, so your crown will be ready to defy gravity.

Master Your Pineapple with PATTERN

As you incorporate the pineapple into your nightly routine, PATTERN has your curl pattern covered, with everything from silk caps at night to refreshing hydrating mist in the morning. 

Just like no two pineapples are the same, at PATTERN, we know that no two natural styles are the same. Take our curly hair quiz & shop our full collection of curly hair care products designed for every unique style & moment.


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Reviewed by Ashley Ludgood

With over 12 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, Ashley Ludgood brings a wealth of expertise to her current role at PATTERN. Her insights have been featured in reputable publications like American Salon Magazine, American Spa Magazine, and Skin, Inc. Ashley has also shared her knowledge at conferences, including Face & Body, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to contributing to the industry. Having been an integral part of the team at PATTERN for nearly 4 years, Ashley continues to make significant contributions. Holding a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, she remains passionate about her field. Among her favorite products, Ashley turns to the PATTERN Styling Cream, Moisture Milk, and the Cleansing Shampoo as her go-to essentials.

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