How to Get the Best Wash and Go for Coily Hair

How to Get the Best Wash and Go for Coily Hair

Coily hair needs extreme moisture to stay soft, defined & to resist tangles. These tightly-packed corkscrew curls can be Type 3C or Type 4 and thrive with twist-outs & stretched-style techniques. For many, the Wash & Go is the perfect routine to get definition and volume.

Coily influencer, Tenisha (@Pie.Face8), shows us how she achieves her voluminous, 4A hair texture wash & go using PATTERN's Hydration Shampoo, Intensive Conditioner, Styling Cream and the Strong Hold Gel. Watch & learn!


How to Get the Best Wash and Go for Coily Hair
Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse hair with the Hydration Shampoo. Section hair in twists to shampoo without tangling your tresses.
Step 2: Rinse with water. Then replenish moisture using the Heavy Conditioner. Distribute evenly throughout hair.
Step 3: Rinse with water. For extra hydration, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment using PATTERN's Intensive Conditioner.
Step 4: Once conditioner is distributed throughout the hair, twist and put on a shower cap for 10 minutes to allow for maximum penetration.
Step 5: Then rinse, being careful to not cause too much friction or unnecessary frizz.
Step 6: Once out of the shower, re-hydrate hair with the Mist Spray bottle in sections.
Step 7: Section hair and work an ample amount of Styling Cream through each section.
Step 8: Use Shower Brush to evenly distribute the product for maximum curl definition.
Step 9: Follow up with the Strong Hold Gel making sure to lather & define each curl or coil.
Step 10: Allow hair to air dry or use dryer to speed up the process. 
Step 11: Fluff to desired fullness with the Hair Pick. Want sleek edges? Grab the Edge Control to add a final touch.

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