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A Holiday Message from Tracee

A Holiday Message from Tracee

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By Tracee  

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I love your products! Thanks!

Shirley Abercrombie

Thank you so much. This product is so amazing. You rock Tracee.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful product! Pattern is my one and only now. It has transformed my hair and my natural hair is now spoiled! Lol! The texture, the softness, my coils are beautifully popping 😊

LaTonya Young

Thank you! I’ve been waiting ten years for a nice product! I used a private person that stopped! Your product smell good! Just like I like my food, it smells good! And my hair feels great! Merry Christmas. Looking forward to 2020.


Very Beautiful, Tracee Ellis Ross

You are absolutely correct. Thank you for creating the PATTERN Beauty products line. It is also, very beautiful that your parents created you, because, had they Not, there wouldn’t be any pattern beauty line. So relaxing, how everything smells like a beautiful garden of flowers. (Wild and Mild).

Happy Holidays, and New Year, to You, and Your Families.

Thank you
Dor J


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