Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

for curlies, coilies & tight textures

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Because every curly needs one, introducing the PATTERN Mist Spray Bottle to infuse hair when a little extra moisture is needed to get the job done. Featuring the premium Flairosol airless technology, our spray bottle offers a beautiful continuous fine mist with a prolonged spray that can be used in all directions to hit tough-to-reach spots & angles. The bottle is a completely aerosol-free sprayer, so no harmful propellant gases or pressurized containers will negatively affect our environment or health. Use to your heart's content with water or homemade concoctions featuring your favorite PATTERN products. Bonus: refillable & reusable for eco-conscious curlies!

Suggested Use

Fill bottle with water or mix up your own PATTERN hydration solutions such as water + Leave-In Conditioner or water + Argan Oil Hair Serum to boost hair with an even coating of refreshing spray. Clean with mild soap & water letting all components air dry.


PP, PE, PET, rubber & stainless steel

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