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Winter Hair Care 101

The temperatures have dropped & the snow is falling. Whether you're battling icy temperatures in Chicago, dry air in Phoenix, or harsh winds in Boston, you need to protect your crown with more than a chic beanie. Protective styles like braids, twists & locs are go-tos for curls, coils & tight textures. But no matter the style, the best thing you can do for your strands is to keep them healthy & hydrated.

"Self-care for hair is the best way to get through these winter months," says hairstylist & PATTERN pro Roneka Conley. "Love your hair. Care for it, brush it, moisturize it. Do scalp massages, hair masks & steam treatments."

We asked Conley & fellow PATTERN Pro stylist Jazmin O'Brien to share a few of their nourishing winter hair care tips.

Q: Is it possible to use too much oil in the winter?
PATTERN Pro Roneka Conley: There is such a thing as too much oil any time of year. It is always good to pay close attention to your hair’s moisture needs in colder, more brutal weather, balance is key. Hair should never be weighed down & it is always a good idea to put the bulk of the oil you apply to your scalp. Simply allow the heat from your body to melt the oil & distribute it through the hair. Then, follow up with a light coat from the shaft thru your ends.

Q: Who should worry about too much protein in the winter?
PATTERN Pro Roneka Conley: Despite popular belief, tightly textured hair can actually be the most fragile. Depending on tightness, coils tend to be more susceptible to tangling. Because of this too much protein will harden the hair shaft & make a recipe for disastrous breakage during detangling.

Q: What makes a great winter hair mask?
PATTERN Pro Jazmin O'Brien: PATTERN's Heavy Conditioner still takes the cake on moisturizing the hair. Sometimes clients think, "OMG it's winter I have to moisturize my hair more.” In reality, most people end up over-moisturizing the hair, making it too soft & fragile which, in turn, promotes breakage. During the winter, simply use the Heavy Conditioner as a mask, under the steamer (or dryer if u don’t have a steamer) for 15-20 min.

Q: Which products are great for hydrating protective styles like braids & faux locks?
PATTERN Pro Jazmin O'Brien: The Argan Oil Hair Serum & the Jojoba Oil Hair Serum Self-Heating Packs. If you shampoo your hair while in the protective style, follow up the shampoo & conditioner with Hydrating Mist. Next, use the tips of your fingers to massage the Leave-In Conditioner into the scalp. Once dry, follow up with the oils throughout the scalp as needed.

Q: What's the biggest mistake curlies, coilies & tight textures make in the colder months?
PATTERN Pro Jazmin O'Brien: Over-hydrating. We tend to go into panic mode in the winter. No need to panic. Make sure your hair stays moist & happy as it has been in the spring or summer months.

Remember, our hair is evolving always & you could potentially have different curl patterns in different areas around your head. You may also experience a shift in your hair as time, products & methods change. You may find our Curl Guide to be helpful as you find the right products for your unique, beautiful pattern.

Ensure your hair is flourishing all year round with PATTERN products. Our Mini Conditioner Trial Bundle is great for experimenting with our 3 conditioners to learn which is yummiest for your hair, & our Jojoba Oil Hair Serum is especially beloved by dry, itchy scalps. Shop the entire collection now.


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