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What Does Hair Mousse Do For Natural Curl Types?

What Does Hair Mousse Do For Natural Curl Types?

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You know what’s empowering? Rocking the beautiful, natural curls you’ve been blessed with. And on top of that? Finding hair care products that can keep your curls healthy & hydrated while showing off their shape & giving them a little extra lift. 

If you’ve been exploring different hair care products to add to your collection, you may have questions about some of the more mysterious products out there. Like, for instance, mousse. 

Have you ever wondered, what does mousse do for hair? 

In this guide, we’ll explore everything mousse can do for your hair & explain why it stands out among other curly and coily hair products

What Can Mousse Do For Your Hair?

Mousse is a must-have for your curl care routine. That’s because mousse delivers several benefits to natural curl types: 

  • Fresh & lightweight styling – When used for styling, a mousse like our Curl Mousse provides a lightweight, uplifting hold ideal for naturals. Much like the hold of hairspray, mousse has the power to maintain your hair’s shape all day long offering voluminous curls, but without giving you that hairspray “helmet.” With mousse, you’ll enjoy a fresh, non-drying hold reminiscent of hair gel, but with more bounce.
  • Added moisture – On top of maintaining your lift, hair styling mousse may also deliver a boost of nourishing ingredients to your hair. This is because most hair mousse is water-based & formulated with important proteins & conditioning oils. These proteins & oils not only keep your hair healthy, but they also add moisture to your curls to prevent dryness & add shine.1
  • Enhanced curl definition – If you’re looking for more curl definition, you’re in luck. With the help of a little mousse, learning how to define curls has never been easier.
  • All-in-one hair care – Since mousse works to keep curls bouncy & beautiful, you can rely on it as a replacement for other products or supplement with our curly hair cream to achieve various looks. 

How Is Mousse Different from Other Hair Products?

Your locks deserve pampering, but if your bathroom cabinet is slowly filling up with every natural hair care product on earth, you may be asking yourself, what does hair mousse do that my current collection of styling products can’t? 

Here are three features that make hair mousse irreplaceable: 

  • Bigger & bouncier results – Mousse stands out from the pack as the ultimate volumizier thanks to its airy formula. 
  • A distinctive blend of nourishing ingredients – Like the dessert of the same name, mousse is infused with rich ingredients (such as Castor Oil & Marshmallow Root) that help to nourish your hair type.
  • The best of both worlds – If you’re looking for a middle ground between stiff hair gel & heavy curl cream, volumizing mousse is your answer. It provides the hold of a hair gel, but with less stiffness, & the hydration of a curl cream, but with less weight.

What Hairstyles Can You Achieve with Curl Mousse?

The Curl Mousse is one of our castor oil hair products that is incredibly adaptable, just like each hair strand. 

This means you can use the hair styling mousse to achieve defined curls or smooth loose strands. You can also achieve everything from gravity-defying curls to protective hair styles with mousse’s help. Thanks to this product’s versatility, the sky’s the limit. All that’s left to do is learn how to use hair mousse for curls especially.

Regardless of the look you’re going for, hair mousse is a styling foam that is best applied to wet hair—as this ensures even dispersal—so you’ll want to add it to your hair fresh after washing.2 This makes mousse an ideal addition to your wash day routine.

How Do You Choose the Right Mousse for Curly Hair?

With mousse options flooding the hair care marketplace, finding the right mousse for your natural hair can be challenging. 

Fortunately, you can narrow down your curl-friendly options with three memorable techniques:   

  • The size test – Before applying the product to your hair, squeeze a quarter-sized portion into your palm & watch as it expands. Good mousse will triple in size, indicating that your hair texture is destined for big heights. 
  • The alcohol test – Check the ingredients for any trace of alcohol. Many brands of mousse include this common preservative, but curly hair can be especially susceptible to alcohol’s drying effect.2 If you spot alcohol on the label, save your hair from dryness & opt for a gentler formula instead. 
  • The hold test – The label of your mousse product should say what level of “hold” it can help you achieve. This is more a matter of preference. If you’re hoping to achieve some temporary hold for soft, wavy curls, you might want a lighter mousse. Meanwhile, if you want to lock in hair volume & definition for days, a strong hold hair foam is your best bet.

Level Up Your Hair Care with PATTERN

It’s time to lift up the curls you were born with—literally. With the right curl mousse, you can elevate & celebrate your natural hair like never before.

At PATTERN, we offer hair mousses, natural hair styling products & treatments that empower you to embrace your natural hair & everything that makes it unique. No matter your curl pattern, you can give your hair the love it deserves with our best selling curly hair products


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Reviewed by Ashley Ludgood

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