tight texture testimonials

Tight-Texture Testimonials

PATTERN Beauty is here to fulfill the needs of the curly, coily & tight-textured community. With over 20 products to help you achieve your best hair in your bathroom, we can't be beat when it comes to formulas, sizes and juiciness, but let's be honest... many naturals still doubt the results.  We've listened to the feedback, upped the ante and we're here to convert nay-sayers into brand evangelists.

Whether you've got cloud-like, gravity-defying Z-pattern coils or an afro with awe-inspiring volume, PATTERN is for you.

Don't believe it?! Check out what some 4c sisters and coily consumers have to say about the Styling Cream, Leave-In Conditioner, Intensive Conditioner & more!

Still skeptical? Beauty vlogger Zenita aka TruleyTalentedBeauty recently tried PATTERN stylers and was thrilled the results, exclaiming, "I did not 4C this!" Take a look!


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Feature image courtesy of @TheBodyaHomeforLove

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