The Teeny Weens: Tracee’s Trial & Travel Products




The Teeny Weens: Tracee’s Trial & Travel Products

by Pattern Beauty



All curlies can relate to the frustration of dropping coins on a new product only to discover that a particular formula didn’t work for their curls as well as they’d hoped. In fact, curly & coily-haired women spend more on hair care products than any hair type, an average of $163 in the last 6 months. We also buy products more often than any other hair type (ughhh) as we’re always trying to find that holy grail formula. PATTERN completely understands the frustration which is why we are proud to present our one of the best products in natural hair bundles

THE TEENY WEENS (as dubbed by Tracee)

3 fl oz trial & travel sizes of all 3 conditioners, our Hydration Shampoo & our Leave-In Conditioner



Whether you’re a person who likes to test before committing or you fly a lot and need to pack lightly or you’ve got a sleepover planned at bae’s and you need your hair care routine handy, the teeny weens are here to pack you with the goods.

Sold individually or in our On-the-Go Kit, our tubes offer a hearty amount of product for folks with big hair and are refillable from our larger size items for the eco-conscious curlies. You are welcome.

  • Individual 3 fl oz items are $9
  • On-the-Go Kit is $24 and features our Hydration Shampoo, Heavy Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner plus it comes with a bonus jelly cosmetic bag
  • The 3 conditioners also are sold in the Mini Conditioners Bundle so that you can give Medium, Heavy and Intensive a shot to see which formulas jive best with your hair.


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  • Karessa Lattimore -

    I am ordering the teen weens and doing a review thanks for the opportunity to try before I order something, I that doesn’t work well with my curls.

  • Mydahlia Y Glover -

    Love this idea. I am ordering and trying for the first time. I will reach out with feed back when I receive my first order. THank you for this opportunity.

  • Nicole -

    I bought the shampoo, intensive condish, and leave in. My 4c hair has never felt so soft in I don’t know when!!! will there be curl creme added to the product line? So far the curl defining creams I’m using seem to cocktail okay with the products but it would be nice to have one from your line!