Our best-selling Leave-In Conditioner & Hydration Shampoo now come in Jumbo sizes. Hallelujah! 

Remember…Size Matters to us all in the PATTERN community.

Our conditioners come in 3 sizes – our teeny ween trial & travel 3 fl oz size, our 13 fl oz regular size & our 29 fl oz jumbo size, while our Leave-In Conditioner & Hydration Shampoo have only come in our 3 fl oz size & 9.8 fl oz regular sizes. Until now….

Thanks to your feedback, we’re thrilled to welcome our new “Jumbette” sizes to the Jumbo family with our best-selling Leave-In Conditioner & Hydration Shampoo now in 25 fl oz! Still right-sized to be slightly smaller than the conditioners (since we all use way more conditioner compared to shampoo), these babies are also great for refilling your teeny weens mini tubes when on the go or packing light.

Meet these new additions to our shower collection for healthy & hydrated, juicy & joyful hair:




PATTERN Jumbo Leave-In Conditioner: when your curls need lasting hydration & definition. By request: a larger size of this fan favorite. Perfect for curls in need of all-day hydration and definition. Mixed with a little bit of magic, the Leave-In Conditioner seals curls with a lasting moisture lotion packed with nutritious oils to combat dryness while also providing a soft hold for curl pattern definition. ($42 for 25 oz)

PATTERN Jumbo Hydration Shampoo: when your hair needs a nourishing cleanse. Also by request, more Hydration Shampoo for your shower. Great for all hair types in need of a nourishing cleanse. Creamy, luxurious and boosted with a blend of oils, the Hydration Shampoo gently lathers to cleanse the hair and scalp removing buildup without stripping away moisture. And still right-sized to be smaller than your jumbo conditioner (because we know our curlies use way more of one than the other…). ($38 for 25 oz)


  • I’ve been looking for a product to help my daughter soften my grand daughter’s coarse hair and stop her suffering. I guess I finally found it. Thank you Tracy Ellis and patternbeauty; more than contibuting with good looks , you’ve stopped little children’s pain. Thank you!❤

    Silvania Davis -
  • My daughter has very thick Cuban hair. To keep tangle free I’ve use AA products for the best moisture & tangle.
    Her hair is to her belt line.
    Is this good for straight thick hair. Please help!

    Andra -
  • Wanted to know the price and I want to see other products as well before and after pictures.

    Karen -
  • I will love to try it

    Finda Gbenda -
  • Anxious to try this product, will it aide in hair lost or just make hair curly

    Eloise Perkins -

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