Travel or Trial: Meet Our Teeny Weens

Travel or Trial: Meet Our Teeny Weens

Everybody loves a mini. Test & try ‘em all with 3 oz formulas & mini tools. Whether you’re looking to sample the full line or pack your bags for a quick getaway, grab the must-haves & mini tools to keep the curls poppin’. Perfect as a luxe little gift to yourself or for a friend who’s looking for a curl revival, the minis are a great entry way into the full collection. Plus, tubes are refillable for the eco-conscious curlies!

Still not convinced? Listen to this little ditty from Tracee:


Teeny Weens include:
Hydration Shampoo 3 fl oz, Medium Conditioner 3 fl oz, Heavy Conditioner 3 fl oz, Intensive Conditioner 3 fl oz, Leave-In Conditioner 3 fl oz, Hydrating Mist 3 fl oz, Strong Hold Gel 3 oz, Styling Cream 3 fl oz, Curl Gel 3 fl oz, Mini Shower Brush, Mini Wide Tooth Comb


  • Are your products safe for using with toddlers? I am especially interested in any no-tears products you may have. Thanks

    Cheryl -
  • too funny … the song was just too funny … I’m still laughing… LOL … this is what we all need good hair products and laughter… because before BIG hair was in with no good products we were not laughing… we were hoping for no humidity … love the song and the products…

    Teri Page -
  • I am in LOVE!!💜🦋

    Barbara Ward -
  • Will there be products for men?

    Russell A. Springer -

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