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Quarantine Quick Styles

by Pattern Beauty

While many of us are working from home, having a few screen-worthy styles in your repertoire is a must. After all, managers may ask for last minute video conference calls and doing business in a bonnet may not be your most professional look.

For a quick styling session this quarantine, we called one of our favorite hair experts, Wanna (@bebeautifulla), to whip up an effortlessly chic natural bun. Let Wanna walk you through each step.


Step 1:
Infuse hair with moisture using the Mist Spray Bottle.

Step 2:
Prevent breakage & create touchable hold with the Leave-In Conditioner.

Step 3:
Nourish with Sea Moss, Aloe Vera & Chia Seeds Strong Hold Gel *just a dab will do!

Step 4:
Secure & swoop using the Edge Control, Edge Tool & Hair Ties.


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  • Juette -

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner in the pump bottle but I cannot unlock the pump. Please advise, Juette

  • Sophia -

    I severely damaged my curly hair by relaxing to straighten my hair! Horrible mistake! Can you give me some advice on which products to use to obtain my natural hair. I’ve cut all my hair off in an attempt to grow it back naturally.

  • lisa dusnton -

    Hi there. i purchase the styling creme, and i really don’t know what to do with it. i have a super tapered cut, and i guess i made the mistake buying it. i ran it through the small amount of hair i had on top, but i didn’t notice per say any significant improvement. please advise. thanks …