Thank you to our PATTERN community for an amazing first year! From our CEO/Founder Tracee & everyone here on the PATTERN team, we’d like to express gratitude to our community of curly, coily & tight-textures who have discovered & supported us. It’s been amazing to see so many people embracing & loving their natural patterns—we celebrate with joy daily!


Reminisce with us on our brand’s first year with some funny, touching & inspiring memories. Here’s to many more to come! Check out the video below!




  • I purchased the shampoo in the pump bottle but I cannot unlock the pump, please advise ❤️

    Juette -
  • Tracee knocked this out of the park!! I have been natural since 1998 before there were any products and excitement about wearing natural hair!! I must say that I was AMAZED at how Tracee got it right. Now we all know that shampoo is soap, right? However, the shampoo makes the hair feel sooooo good. The scent reminds me of something my Mom used on my hair when I was a little girl. I bought the trial size at first, oh honey, I am here to buy jumbo sizes!! Tracee, thank you. Thank you!!!!! You did the darn thing!!!!

    Jennifer Coleman -
  • Very inspirational. These products and this company have taught me to embrace my hair into its truest form. Thank you Pattern Beauty, and thank you Ms. Ross..

    Shanelle Taylor -
  • My hair feels so soft! I’m in love with PATTERN. Thank you for bringing this hair care love into my life🙌🏾

    Carol -
  • Hi Tracee!,
    I just ordered the intense conditioner and the styling gel. The package arrived the next day and that is greatly appreciated! What I really want to comment on is the Blackness you have on your site. So good to see all the beautiful Black folks and the beautiful Blackness!!! So glad you identify with us and your presentation is received as authentic and genuine. I am an older light-skinned Black woman with naturally red hair-and natural. I would love to show my unique Black beauty on your site. Stay purposeful because you don’t know who’s waiting for you to show up. Best, Jocelyn

    Jocelyn Morris-Bryant -

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