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Manifesta | PATTERN Beauty

Manifesta | PATTERN Beauty

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Every curl has a story 
A rhythm 
A dance 
A curve coil zig zag wave
Curls speak for themselves 
If our hair could talk 
It would tell you of our legacy 
Of cornrows, Afros, raised fist 
Of press and curl 
Door knockers and asymmetrical 
Activator and fingerwaves 
Twist outs and box braids 
Beads, barrettes, and roller sets 
Recognize the journey of our curls 
Discover us 
We the freedom 
We the revolution 
Be a rebel
Revel in your texture 
Celebrate your curl 
In the rain
In the pool
At the beach 
In the snow 
Let your curls loose
Let them shake and shimmy and boogie 
And sing and laugh out loud
Let your hair raise its voice and find its stillness 
We thick 
We juicy
We joyful 
We elegant 
We liberated
We vulnerable strong flexible
We heal and grow and stretch 
Love your hair
It’s yourself
Bring your voice to our table
We hold our own equity 
Don’t behave 
Defy gravity 
Access your inner power
Tune in to your own curl frequency 
You are electric
Turn the world into our living room 
Love the hair you see first thing in the morning in your bathroom 
Be free 
Embrace your gorgeous 
Wear your crown and your glory
Rock your pattern 

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