5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kids' Curly Hair Routine

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kids' Curly Hair Routine

by Pattern Beauty

By Ebony Bomani

We teach our kids how to walk, speak, share, not to chew with their little mouths full. We share our love of movies, arts, sports, and humanity. It's equally important to encourage great self-care habits, which includes establishing a regular hair care routine. Making that day special is one element that will show them, early, how to begin their own legacies by turning wash day into a self-care ritual. Here are five habits to implement to elevate your kids' curly hair routine.

1. Shampoo + Strut

Joyful curls are clean, healthy and hydrated. Shampoo with PATTERN's Hydration Shampoo, weekly, to gently remove debris and buildup and to see their curls strut their stuff. Have your kiddo mimic your movements in the front of his/her head, as you massage the back. Dote on their curls, coils, waves, and zig zags as you're rinsing out the shampoo.

2. Condition + Celebrate

Alternate, weekly, between our luxe conditioners, deep conditioner, and Treatment Mask for restoration, moisture and softness. Take turns applying the conditioner to different sections and celebrate how healthy, hydrated, and smooth your child's hair feels. Watch them discover their inner power.

3. Detangle + Revel

While the conditioner nourishes and softens the hair, using PATTERN's Wide Tooth Comb or Shower Brush, show your little one how to gently guide the comb through their hair to loosen tangles, from the ends up. To make it more fun, gift your mini me our mini shower brush and mini wide tooth comb for their little hands, so they can assist. Rinse away the conditioner with room temp to cool water to lock in lasting moisture and shine. Revel in the beauty of their texture.

4. Protect + Style

In moderation, apply our Leave-In Conditioner for a dose of strength and protection. Then layer on our lightweight, Styling Custard, section by section, while the hair is still damp. The phenomenal slip makes styling so much faster and easier. Lightly smooth the custard into the hair for hydrated hold and extra shine. Evenly distribute with PATTERN’s Shower Brush, from ends to roots, to gently work custard through the hair for juicy definition. Style as desired. Infused with Flaxseed Oil, Agave, Irish Moss + Chamomile, to hydrate, strengthen, and nourish the hair, the custard is perfect for wet or dry ponytails, flat twists, braid-outs, twist-outs & bantu knots. For even more hold, cocktail the Styling Custard with a bit of Curl Gel or Strong Hold Gel.

5. Preserve + Play

At night, to extend the life of your child’s style, wrap or cover their hair with a satin scarf or bonnet. If their hair is medium to long, loosely pile it on top of their head and secure it with one of PATTERN's Satin or Velvet scrunchies prior to wrapping it. If they're wiggle worm sleepers that lose their scarves and bonnets at night, use a satin pillowcase instead. They can still play, let loose and be free and their hair will still look magical. Show them how to lightly mist their curls, with the Hydrating Mist, formulated with Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil, to refresh + reactivate curls while protecting the hair from environmental stressors and boost moisture between wash days.

Children love to learn, and they take pride in seeing the outcome of something in which they've been involved. You'll instill confidence in them and, in turn, they'll rock their pattern with pride and joy. Getting children involved in their own hair care will not only spark interest in wash day, but it will enhance their motor skills and boost their confidence. Ultimately, it will cultivate a deep appreciation for their coils, curls, and tight textures, especially when they're juicy and joyful. #HonorYourPattern



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