Introducing Styling Sessions

Styling Sessions

Introducing Styling Sessions

by Pattern Beauty

It’s time to play! Styling Sessions is a series of tutorials created to inspire you as you Style Your Pattern. In this episode, Tracee Ellis Ross walks us through how she makes her now-signature “cursive” baby hairs. 

Products used:
Edge Tool
Strong Hold Gel
Edge Control



How-To, Styling Sessions

How To Style Baby Hairs & Promote New Hair Growth

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How-To, Styling Sessions

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How To Care For Your 4C Hair Texture
How-To, Styling Sessions

How To Care For Your 4C Hair Texture

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  • KG Bradf -

    “Grown Woman Hairs!” LOL! True story; it’s not “baby hair!” So-called baby hair is just broken hair around the hairline, mostly caused by friction and braids and twists. In some cases, wigs and weaves will take the edges all the way out! Give your hair and scalp a break from these styles and watch thickset edges reappear! Be kind to your hairline! But in the meantime, this is a good way to manage the situation.

  • Selena -

    Hi Pattern Team! Do you have a styling session for reviving curls?

  • Ruth Henry -

    My experience itch the hair brush is that it comes apart and I find the brush in hair and handle in hand. Are others experiencing same. Love brush to detangle wet hair. Just want it more sturdy

  • Kristine -

    Tracee!!! I’m your biggest fan! Not in the creepy sense, but in the sense that I love your authenticity, your kindness and compassion and I hope all the best for you and yours. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Mazel Tov on the amazing Pattern line! Kristine M

  • Antoinette Brumfield -

    So after year of perming my hair im going natural and I really dont know where to start. I know I have low porosity hair .. which products do you recommend. until my curls come back I will be rocking a ponytail daily.