How Tracee Gets Her Fab, Everyday Look

How Tracee Gets Her Fab, Everyday Look


When Vogue wants to do a Beauty Secrets video to get the scoop on Tracee’s signature look, even our team members put the work down to take some serious beauty notes. Peep the video below to learn Tracee’s everyday routine for glowing, natural skin; a hot lip; & the most joyful curls.


PATTERN products featured:


  • I love this chick❤️ I ordered the jubettes From the Pattern website and couldnt wait so I went to Ulta and bought the smaller ones. Then ordered more so could have almost everything!! So amazing. Thank you Tracee for creating this!!

    Kym C -
  • I am so obsessed with your products and your routines. I remember wishing that I would be able to control my curls so that I didn’t have to get relaxers. Your products have finally brought me to the point where I am comfortable with my curls in every facet. Thank you!!

    Krystal -
  • I’ve watched this video 5 times!!

    Erica Abduelal -
  • Hi Tracee I LOVED this video. Just wondering if you ever thought about doing a skincare line?

    Charisse -
  • Do you do any hair gels?

    Eva von Hippel -

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