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How to Know If a Product Works for Your Hair

by Pattern Beauty

By Ebony Bomani

There's no shame in admitting that you get excited about hair products! Most of us do! At the first thought of trying a new product, you may think, "Will it work for me?"

First things first, Love. No matter the product category, it is important to determine how you need the product to perform before making your selection. What does your hair need? Does it need more moisture, strength, or shine? Perhaps you want a styler that will define your existing curls or slick back your buns + ponytails. Maybe you just want your texture to be juicy & joyful! Either way, products tell a bit of their story & purpose on the packaging. You may even want to visit the brand's website to shed more light on what you need.

Now! Let's say you walk into Ulta Beauty & sashay over to the PATTERN display (humor me). There's a beautiful assortment of cleansers, conditioners, stylers, curly hair accessories and tools! Your eyes zoom in on PATTERN's Hydrating Shampoo on the shelf. The curls have been looking & feeling quite *ahem* parched lately, so you grab it, along with the Medium Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, & Curl Gel. Words on the packaging, like hydration, moisture-rich, touchable, and juicy sound like a stellar combination of thirst quenchers for your hair. Leaving them on the shelf is not an option!

So, you bought the products & started using them! Now what? How do you know they're working? Well, keeping in mind what we discussed before, this is how you'll know:

1. Hydrating Shampoo will leave your hair feeling clean, yet hydrated. You'll even be able to moderately finger detangle your hair & it won't be matted or robbed of all its natural oils.

2. Medium Conditioner will add moisture, make the hair softer, easier to manage, & provide tons of slip to aid in detangling. Curls feel healthy & moisturized without the excess weight.

3. Leave-In Conditioner detangles, enhances definition, & locks in lasting moisture.

4. Curl Gel leaves your curls, braid/twist-outs juicy, bouncy, & touchably soft. It glides onto the strands, leaving them nourished & defined.

Remember that products may take a little more time to work their magic if the hair needs to recover from severe trauma. Also, keep in mind that it takes consistency to reach major hair goals. Read the labels & always reach for products that are in alignment with your desired outcome— be it condition or style. Set realistic short and long-term goals & take pictures to document and help measure your results.

In a nutshell: Did the product do what it said it would? The first indicator that a product is working for you, is that it lives up to its claims — ESPECIALLY when used as directed. Is your hair healthier, softer, more manageable, shinier, and stronger? Does your scalp feel refreshed, calm, and pampered? Do you get the hold, definition, and body you want from your styler? If yes, then you, my dear, have found yourself a winner!


Ebony Bomani is a licensed cosmetologist, textured hair enthusiast, content creator & brand educator. Connect with her about healthy hair care & green beauty-related topics via Instagram or LinkedIn.


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  • Anita Pickens -

    I purchased your products and so far the mask is my all time favorite. My comments on the other products is the same as above and i have yet to see an answer for. I live in Florida and it is extremely humid here. I have tried using the complete line, shampoo, light conditioner, serum and the curl cream. My hair frizzed up and dried out. I will admit my hair does not like glycerin unless I am visiting my daughter in Vegas. i would appreciate any advice you have. I don’t like hair types but to give you an idea I am between a 3c and 4A. Example I can wash my hair and finger curl with Jane Carter incredible curls, when my hair is dry I make about 6 small puff balls for stretch and this will last me for a week. I so want to use your product please help.

  • Valerie Simon -

    I recently posted that my hair was extremely dry, hard to manage, and difficult to detangle when applying the products. After using the products a second time now. I have found it my hair responded much better and was easier to detangle. I am still not satisfied with how my hair feels. I expected my hair to feel much softer, be shiner , and bouncier and more moisturized. Those attributes haven’t revealed themselves yet, but I am looking forward and hoping they do. Is there someone on staff who can help to guide me through this process?

  • Valerie Simon -

    Hello. I just purchased and used the hydrating shampoo, intensive conditioner, conditioning mask, leave in conditioner, hydrating mist, argon hair oil serum, and strong hold gel. I have 4abc hair. The products unfortunately did not hydrate/moisturize, detangle, or define my curls. My hair felt extremely dry. Am I combining the products correctly? I read reviews of the product not performing on type 4 hair as well as expected, but I wanted to try it for myself.

  • Tara -

    How often should you wash your hair with braids..

  • Linda -

    Can products be used on grey hair?