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Tool Belt Tips & Tricks

Tool Belt Tips & Tricks

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Here at PATTERN, we have an amazing array of tools for your collection to help the curly hair care routine be as easy as possible. All of our curly hair accessories and tools are crafted with 3B-4C curl patterns in mind & are developed to be durable, convenient & essential to creating juicy & joyful styles for all curl types. If you’re looking for some tips & tricks on the OG tools or tutorials on the latest styling aides, check out our suggestions below to enhance your tools experience.



  • Happy Hour – Our Mist Spray Bottle is a great product for cocktailing. We love to mix warm water with a little of our oil serums &/or a little Leave-In Conditioner for a quick refresher that covers in a heavenly fine mist with our continuous spray bottle.
  • Stuck in the Middle – When changing your style without wanting to go through wash day, the Mist Spray Bottle can be a quick way to rehydrate & wet the hair before detangling & restyling.


  • Shower Companion – Our Wide Tooth comb is the perfect aid for detangling hair in the shower on wash day or mid-week when you may be co-washing.
  • Tease & Shape – Our founder Tracee loves to use the Wide Tooth Comb to add volume & gently separate her dry curls a few days post-wash for a big-hair look. A quick trick is to section hair & tease the roots out to aid in adding extra volume.


  • Handle with Care – the beauty of our Shower Brush is its strength. As a whole, our shower detangling brush is nicely weighted helping it to move through the hair without snapping, snagging or breaking strands. However, something to keep in mind is how you hold the brush. While many feel comfortable grabbing it by the handle, we also like to hold it at the neck (where the bristles and the handle meet) to give more control as you tackle each section.
  • Always work your way up – It is never a good idea to rake the brush through un-detangled curly or coily hair—too aggressive! Our advice is to gently start to detangle the hair working from the ends of your strands up to the root. This creates less breakage & really allows the brush to grab any & all shed hair without mistakenly pulling the juicy & joyful curls. 
  • Styling friend – Have you ever wondered how to get your curls perfectly clumped during a wash-&-go? Well look no further! Our brush will be your best friend helping to clump & define your curls in the conditioning & styling product phases of the routine. 
  • Slick & Snatched—Our brush is great for helping to move product around when slicking back your hair. The key to a great slick back style is making sure all your product is properly disbursed so strands can lay smoothly.



  • Head & Shoulders—While many wrap the Microfiber Towel around their head twisted up or in the Tracee “nun-style fashion” (check out her Vogue video to see how she does it!), others love to gently scrunch out excess water & then let the towel rest on their shoulders to catch any remaining water drips as their curls begin to air-dry. 
  • Plot Twist—As a bonus, the Microfiber Towel is REALLY great to use during your skincare routine for cleansing your face & helping to remove makeup or build up.


    • Styling Friend – Our Hair Clip is the perfect hair companion for those that may have not had the best hair day & just want to twist their hair up. Jazz up the front curls & twist & clip the curls up in the back creating a cute pineapple hairstyle.
    • An Extra Hand—While detangling or working through more complicated styling, utilize one or a few Hair Clips to separate your hair & help yourself tackle sections bit by bit for more control & less hassle. Our giant, strong clips hold big hair with ease! 


    • Section & Separate—Our Edge Tool’s end is great for sectioning hair for any style that you desire. Our pointed-tip glides through all coils & curls to provide clean & even parts. 
    • Smooth & Slay—We created this tool to be the ultimate styling aide for edges. The brush side of the tool with its vegan boar’s hair bristles is great for not just laying hair but also for brushing & smoothing out small sections of hair. 


    • Stretch & Shine – A great tip for using our Hair Pick & adding shine is to take one of our hair serums & coat the prongs to add some extra sheen each time the pick runs through your curls & coils.


    Share your tool tips & tricks in the comments below!

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    Reviewed by Ashley Ludgood

    With over 12 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, Ashley Ludgood brings a wealth of expertise to her current role at PATTERN. Her insights have been featured in reputable publications like American Salon Magazine, American Spa Magazine, and Skin, Inc. Ashley has also shared her knowledge at conferences, including Face & Body, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to contributing to the industry. Having been an integral part of the team at PATTERN for nearly 4 years, Ashley continues to make significant contributions. Holding a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, she remains passionate about her field. Among her favorite products, Ashley turns to the PATTERN Styling Cream, Moisture Milk, and the Cleansing Shampoo as her go-to essentials.


    I have fine curly frizzy hair in a short pixie cut that is growing out and is probably a 3c pattern. I usually blow dry straight but want to wear it natural. Not sure what to use or how! Any videos you can provide showing techniques for us new to your products?

    Diann Washington

    I’m leaving in Paris, where can I buy your products in France.
    Let me know quickly, I need to change may hair.


    Checking out your message board. Just curious! My 4c hair doesn’t like coconut oil. Please tell me your products don’t contain any coconut oil,milk etc. Thanks Smc


    My 4C hair has negative reactions to all things coconut!
    Hopefully your products don’t contain any! Anxious to try Pattern

    Sharron Carothers

    Checking out your message board. Just curious! My 4c hair doesn’t like coconut oil. Please tell me your products don’t contain any coconut oil,milk etc. Thanks Smc


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