A Holiday Message from Tracee




A Holiday Message from Tracee

by Pattern Beauty

By Tracee  



Community Class: Lynette Silhouettes
How-To, Product Education

Community Class: Lynette Silhouettes

Let’s learn from each other. We teamed up with curl creator Lynette Silhouettes to get her notes on how...

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In Honor of Our Ancestors: Juneteenth
Community, Poetry

In Honor of Our Ancestors: Juneteenth

Read “Juneteenth” — a beautiful poem written by PATTERN poet Amena Brown to commemorate the U.S. emancipation of enslaved...

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  • Maria Flowers -

    Hi Tracee! I have loved you since Girlfriends and was heart broken when it ended. I have watched you grow and just love how you Carry yourself and I’m so glad that our young women of every background have a roll model like yourself. I have tried Pattern and love it. I will continue to support you as you grow. Stay Beautiful as you are inside and out. Peace & love Maria

  • Shirley -

    Dear Tracee, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year 2020! Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors. Shirley

  • Genise -

    Thank you, And Happy Holidays too you and your family. Congrats on the haircare products.

  • Lynn Jones -

    Happy Holidays to you honey. I will always support you. I absolutely love these products and wish you continued success!

  • Celines -

    I plan to try it for the first time for my NEW YEAR ’S event! CANNOT WAIT! Stay tuned!!!