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Tracee’s After Heat Styling Set

Tracee’s After Heat Styling Set

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Tracee’s After Heat Styling Set is an expertly curated set designed to revitalize & rejuvenate your strands after heat styling.

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Revive your curls with Tracee’s After Heat Styling Set—a carefully selected collection to rejuvenate your strands post-heat styling. Start with the Bounce Back Pre-Poo to help curls reclaim their natural pattern. Follow with Hydration Shampoo and Transition Mask for a burst of nourishment and resilience. Finish with Intensive Conditioner for luxurious moisture. Your curls will thank you with silkiness, health, and natural glory.

• Hydration Shampoo 3 fl oz - a luxurious moisturizing shampoo that is boosted with a blend of glorious oils
• Bounce Back Pre-Poo - a revitalizing formula used to add spring back to curls after heat styling
• Transition Mask - a nourishing mask used to reduce breakage & maintain moisture balance
• Intensive Conditioner 13 fl oz: rich & ultra-hydrating; doubles as a deep conditioner to protect against breakage & dryness

Suggested Use

Bounce Back Pre-Poo: Apply evenly from root to tip on dry hair. Allow to sit 10-15 mins or until curl reversion is complete. Rinse with cool water and follow using PATTERN Hydration Shampoo and PATTERN Conditioner of choice.

Hydration Shampoo 3 fl oz: Massage vigorously into scalp and wet hair. Add more water as needed to work product through the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Wash a second time as desired.

Transition Mask: Apply generously to dry hair from ends to roots. Let sit on hair for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse.

Intensive Conditioner 13 fl oz: Apply to wet hair from roots to ends. For extra dense curls or long hair, section with PATTERN Hair Clip while conditioning to ensure every strand gets the love it deserves.


Bounce-Back Pre-Poo: Packed with elasticity promoting Oat Extract & frizz-smoothing Hibiscus Flower Extract. Rich and ultra-moisturizing Murumuru Seed Butter to nourish and smooth ends.

Hydration Shampoo: Crafted with Aloe and honey are natural humectants that attract hydration and Coconut Oil which is known to seal in hydration.

Transition Mask: Infused with White Tea to help reduce shedding & Manuka Honey to help prevent breakage & maintain moisture balance.

Intensive Conditioner: Features Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Acacia Decurrens Flower to soften & deep condition.




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